Writer’s block is pretty damn annoying. #FirstWorldProbs

Oh and it was freezing cold in Minnesota again. Shocker.

-Brown sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs

-Watermelon pink hoodie: Juicy Couture

-Beige winter coat: Guess

-Beige leopard-print top: Express

-Gold bag: Nine West

-Beige knit leggings: H&M

-Beige boots:



“I’m not looking for anything serious.”

Every straight female who’s tried dating has probably heard that oh-so-clichéd line at least once, from the mouth of a loser guy trying to defend his disrespectful behavior. Apparently, saying that line to a female makes a guy think it’s now acceptable to treat her like nothing more than an unpaid prostitute. While I see nothing wrong whatsoever with sex or being a legitimate sex worker, if I wanted a guy to ask me to drive to his place, suck his dick and get rudely kicked out without even a goodbye or some small talk, I’d be advertising my “services” on Craigslist.

I know damn well that I deserve better treatment than that, hence why I’m not afraid to stand up for myself and show off with “big words” when these guys target me. I know I have a lot to offer and I won’t accept anything less than a guy who shares all my values. Once I find that guy, I will fight hard to keep him around but until then, dating will remain nothing more than a social activity for me. My career is my number one priority and it can be a huge time commitment, so the thought of wasting too much time on the wrong guy terrifies me, especially since I’ve made that mistake once before.

In a typical week, I may text and make weekend plans with multiple guys to avoid investing too heavily in one, until I know he’s truly worth it (which hasn’t happened in a long time.) I’m not someone who constantly needs a boyfriend and I’d much rather be single then be in an unfulfilling relationship. Some may consider me a player or hardcore Bachelorette, however I try hard to treat each guy kindly and I wouldn’t waste my time if I weren’t attracted to them and interested in getting to know them better. I believe the wrong guys will naturally weed themselves out and the right guy will naturally rise to the top but until then, I guess I’m not looking for anything serious.

-Black parka: Calvin Klein outerwear

-Black sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs

-Black gloves: Target

-Turquoise bag: Ralph Lauren

-White Tshirt: H&M

-Blue leggings: Lululemon

-Black sneakers: Aldo

Twenty Fourteen: The end of an adventure


“Holy shit, it’s January!”

Those were the exact words I muttered to my Tinder date last night, while checking my phone after 2 am bar close. We were smack dab in the middle of 200+ screaming dancing drunks heading home on the Minneapolis Blue Line train. Perfect way to kick off the new year.

Since all the downtown Minneapolis bars had insanely high holiday cover charges and I was feeling cheap, we decided to say fuck it and take the Green Line train all the way to downtown St. Paul, in the hopes of finding a cheaper bar. We arrived at the Union Depot station at 11:57 pm.

I knew there was no way we’d get into a bar in the next two minutes, so I grabbed my date’s hand and we ran into Union Depot-a beautiful vintage train/bus station with glossy marble floors and walls. It was 11:58 pm. I set my phone down on a counter, pulled my flask of Svedka out of my purse, quickly downed half of it and passed it to him.

It was 11:59 pm. I looked up at my date and smiled, and then looked back down at my phone, anxiously waiting for the clock to change. It was midnight. I screamed like a little girl, pulled his head up to mine and began a passionate makeout session with a gorgeous guy who I knew I may or may not ever see again after the night ended. But I didn’t care. And in that moment, all the memories of the previous year came rushing back into my brain. Perfect way to end the most adventurous year of my life 🙂

To be continued…

-Black parka: Calvin Klein

-Hot pink dress: Macy’s

-Silver bag: Nine West

-Black leggings: Macy’s

-Black pumps:

R.I.P Summer 2014 :(



Yet another summer is almost gone. I’m enjoying what limited time is left in my favorite season, by wearing white after Labor Day.

Every year, I hear people talk about how much they love fall, and I always feel like the only one not getting excited. Fall itself isn’t bad, it’s the fact that it means a long winter is coming up. As pretty as yellow and red leaves are, thinking about the bare dead-looking winter trees always ruins it for me. I love my bikinis and local lake beach about as much as I dislike Pumpkin Spice stuff. Now that I’m not going back to school for the first time in my life, the only thing I have to get excited about this fall is Halloween, but it gets so cold here that it’s hard to create a quality costume that will also keep me warm. At least I was able to stock up on stylish winter clothing while working a seasonal holiday job at Macy’s last winter. That might make this winter more tolerable.

I love you Minnesota, but please take it easy on me this winter.

-Sun hat: Target

-Brown sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs

-White dress: New York and Company

-Gold bag: Nine West

-Gold sandals: Macy’s

Escape Plan



I’ll make it soon enough.

Job-hunting is a pain though. It sucks to spend two hours pouring my heart into an awesome cover letter, only to get nothing back, over and over again. It sucks to have a resume that I’m damn proud of, only to have no one else believe in me because I’m not the CEO’s daughter. #sorrynotsorry.

Enough of that though. Complaining is only useful for about two seconds. I’m a big believer in that if I work hard enough to master the process, something will work out, even when the odds are against me. It sucks to be at rock bottom right now, but I don’t think it’s truly rock bottom if I have an escape plan.

-Black sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs

-Black blazer: Macy’s

-Black dress: New York and Company

-Black bag: Guess

-Blue pumps: Nine West

City Girl



I’ve never felt more at home.

This last weekend was the six-month anniversary of my moving day to Minneapolis from my childhood home in small-town North Dakota, which took place on Martin Luther King weekend in January. After six months, I feel like I can comfortably say I’ve assimilated into the local culture. I don’t feel like a somewhat foreigner anymore. I’ve gotten to a point where I actually love telling people where I’m from (it’s almost like we’re “legendary” or something), because even though North Dakota is a border state and my hometown is only a five-hour drive from here, the amount of fellow North Dakotans I’ve met so far is surprisingly low.

Actually, it’s not that surprising, considering the vast majority of my high school classmates are still living in our hometown and seem to have no plans to change that; at least that’s what it looks like on Facebook. I always knew I would leave though. There’s only so much room for one to grow in a small rural town. My life may not be perfect, but damn if it doesn’t feel amazing to be living in a place full of opportunities I didn’t have back home.

-Red lipstick: Estee Lauder

-White t-shirt: Fashion’s Night Out official shirt, 2009

-Black bag: Kenneth Cole Reaction

-Black sequined shorts:

-Gray fishnet tights: Hot Topic

-Red sneakers: Converse

Whatever Floats Her Boat



It’s sometimes not easy, but I try not to judge others. Unless their behavior is purposefully hurting someone else, I believe they should do whatever floats their boat, whatever makes them happy. This mindset has especially affected me as a female, constantly hearing how I should and shouldn’t behave if I want to be taken seriously and protect myself from certain men.

I’m a girly girl. That should be obvious, considering I run a fashion blog. I love pretty clothes and fun makeup. I put a lot of effort into skin and hair care, eat very healthy and work out six days a week. Believe it or not, I actually enjoy doing all of the above, and I don’t consider any of it a chore unless I’m super tired. I sometimes model bikinis, because again, it’s fun and it makes me feel confident. I don’t do it to impress men, although that is a nice side effect. While I’ve gotten a lot of support regarding my modeling endeavors, I’ve also received some backlash about how modeling could potentially overshadow my brain and invite men to take advantage of me, and how girls in the industry are setting back the feminist movement.

There seems to be a code of conduct within the movement; unwritten rules saying that to be a proper feminist, I must shun things that are traditionally “girly” to have a successful career and avoid giving men power over me. There’s also a stereotype that females can only be pretty or smart, but not both, which feeds into the statistic saying that pretty girls are more likely to get raped. While I can understand wanting to liberate oneself from stressful beauty standards, it’s like some people can’t grasp the idea that a female can actually enjoy pretty clothes and fun makeup, and feel confident rather than degraded while posing in a bikini.

I don’t like this. I believe feminism should be about supporting your fellow females, no matter what they decide to do. I don’t care if she wants to be a prostitute or a nun, if she’s happy, then I’ll support her. No matter how terrible I may find her decision, her decision is none of my business unless she says it’s hurting her. Unless her decision is purposefully hurting me, then whatever floats her boat.

Rant over, now look at my pretty clothes! Haha 😛

-Black sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs

-Lavender t-shirt: Victoria’s Secret

-White bag: Macy’s

-Black polka-dot skirt: Urban Outfitters

-Silver ballet flats: New York and Company

Summer Blues



I wish summer lasted longer in Minnesota. The Fourth of July was almost a week ago and soon it will be August. This will also be my first time not going back to school in the fall, so I feel like I don’t have much to look forward to anymore.

There’s a part of me that wants to move to a warmer city, like Miami or LA so I can have an almost endless summer but I feel very safe in Minneapolis. The Twin Cities has the lowest unemployment rate in the country for major metro areas, plus a pretty low cost of living and crime rate. Those were big factors in why I chose to move here after finishing school in my home state of North Dakota. I feel like I’m very well-off here and I might not be able to pull that off anywhere else. I’ll probably feel differently in the winter though, when sitting at the Lake Nokomis beach near my house is no longer comfortable.

-Brown sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs

-Necklaces: Forever 21

-Blue and green dress: Express

-Green bag: Kate Spade

-Brown flip-flops: Kenneth Cole Reaction