Look! No winter coat!

Feb20_1 (1)



The temperature was 39 above yesterday, which is unusually warm for a February day in Minnesota! I, like many others here, celebrated by taking a break from my winter coat! (and scarf and gloves) Other life updates: I had two more job interviews this week. I’ve had at least two every week since moving but no one’s hired me yet so I’ve stopped getting my hopes up during interviews. I also started using the Tinder app on my phone to meet guys here, and it’s getting to be a bit intense. I have 59 “matches” on there and about 10 different guys trying to talk to me today, so it’s hard to keep up! It doesn’t help that I’m not a big fan of texting and I have other tasks I need to prioritize. I guess this a good problem to have though, haha.

-Necklace: Forever 21

-Light pink velour hoodie: Old Navy

-Light pink lace top: Guess

-Off-white shorts: Urban Outfitters

-Off-white knit leggings: H&M

-Off-white boots: Shoedazzle.com

-White purse: Tignanello/Macy’s


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