Tye-dye and fishnets



I wore this outfit on a first date with a guy whose Tinder profile made him seem very quirky and fun, although this isn’t much of a departure from my usual style. I got an art minor in college, so this outfit reminds of what my fellow art students would wear. As for that guy, he ended up being very similar to my last ex who I was with for two years, to the point where it was actually really freaky and weird. He looked like him, had a similar personality, similar hobbies and interests, similar family background and he even insisted on going to a nice Mexican restaurant for the first date–which is the same thing I did on my first date with my ex. I’d probably go out with him again, but damn, haha.

-White t-shirt: Victoria’s Secret PINK

-Silver tank top, layered under t-shirt: Express

-Black bag: Kenneth Cole Reaction

-Tye-dye leggings: Target

-Hot pink fishnets, layered over leggings: Hot Topic

-Gray boots: Roxy


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