Spring Fever!



I got to enjoy a rather tropical day for Minnesota yesterday; it was 55 above and sunny! I started my day wearing snow boots and a winter coat out of habit, only to realize that not only did I not need them, but they were making me sweaty! That was how I knew that it might be almost spring, finally. My favorite day of the year was here: the first day where it’s warm enough for me to comfortably wear shorts and flip-flops. That day is better than Christmas or my birthday or anything for me; it makes me so excited! 🙂 Unfortunately, it was colder again today so I had to put my winter coat back on, but at least I got to enjoy an early taste of spring.

In other positive news, I finally found a job! I’m working at a gas station near the MSP airport, which allows me to interact with the nearly 700 airport taxi drivers who come in to buy gas and coffee. Most of them are immigrants from Africa, which is really cool for me since I grew up in a small rural town where nearly everyone was the same flavor of white. I love that I get to witness and learn about a whole different culture just by going to work.

-Brown sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs

-White dollar top: Topshop, purchased in Vegas while on vacation

-Gold bag: Nine West, Macy’s

-White shorts: Express

-Gold sandals: Bandolino, Macy’s


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