So, I felt like dressing like an 80s rock star




I wore this outfit on a third date with a guy I met on Tinder. In the early stages of dating, I like to test guys to see how they’ll react to certain things about me that tend to get mixed reactions. Although I also have plenty of simple, sexy date outfits in my closet, as well as plenty of cute, girl-next-door outfits that I would’ve been just as happy wearing, those outfits tend to always get approval from guys, so I was curious how this guy would react if I dressed a bit funkier. I also wore four-inch heels for part of the date to see how he’d feel about me being temporarily taller than him, since he’s only about two inches taller than me when I don’t wear them. My rule is always, if he’s weirded out by some of my everyday clothing, he’s probably going to be weirded out by a lot of things about me, and is therefore not worth my time. If that happens, well, on to the next one!

-Blue galaxy-print jacket: H&M

-Blue t-shirt: Express

-Black sequined shorts:

-Silver bag: Nine West

-Gray fishnet tights: Hot Topic

-Black leggings (layered under fishnets): Victoria’s Secret PINK

-Gray boots: Roxy



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