The Scents of Summer



I may or may not have a bit of a fragrance obsession. Even as a young child, whenever I went to the local grocery store with my dad, I’d always run off to the scented candles section and just sit on the floor smelling each one until my dad finished shopping. This love affair has since switched to perfume though, and it’s why I always make sure to have different perfumes for day and night and summer and winter.

I buy most of my perfume from Victoria’s Secret, usually during the Semi-Annual Sale when I can get last year’s limited edition fragrances at a huge discount. I always make sure to have both the fancy glass Eau de Parfum bottle, which never leaves my bedroom, and the lighter plastic body mist bottle to carry in my purse. Since the body mist bottle is always much bigger than the Eau de Parfum bottle, it lasts much longer, causing the two to usually not match up. That’s totally OK though.

My favorites tend to come from the Dream Angels Heavenly line for day and the Very Sexy line for night, but I sometimes deviate from that because it’s so much fun to try all of them! I currently own four different fragrances, one each for: SummerDay, SummerNight, WinterDay and WinterNight. I wear the summer fragrances from April-September and the winter ones from October-March, so I just started these ones up again a few days ago!

Top photo: Eau de Parfum:

-Dream Angels Heavenly: In Paradise, 2013

-Bombshell: In Love, 2012

Bottom photo: Body mist:

-Dream Angels Heavenly: Summer, 2011

-Bombshell: The Summer Edition, 2012

All fragrances pictured are from Victoria’s Secret.



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