Transformation Tuesday: Preparing to Launch


Right after moving to Minneapolis in January, I attended a modeling audition and was selected to attend the Launch Showcase in Chicago this June, where I will get the chance to audition for and network with a variety of modeling agents from around the country. Preparing for Launch has become a huge part of my life, and I’ve really stepped up my fitness routine as a result. It wasn’t a huge change for me, since I was already eating pretty healthy and working out about twice per week, but increasing it to six days per week has helped me to feel much more prepared and confident! Having to buy and cook all my own food has also been a factor, now that my parents-and  my dad’s awesome cooking are five hours away in North Dakota. I’ll be explaining my meal plan in a future blog post soon!

Left photo (before): December 20, 2013: My college graduation from the University of North Dakota:

-Weight-lifting approximately twice per week for about 45 minutes

-Running a few miles per week

Right photo (after): April 29, 2014: Today:

-Strength days: Mon/Weds/Fri: 3o minutes of yoga in the morning, 45 minutes of weight-lifting at night, running 1.5 miles

-Cardio days: Tues/Thurs: Running three miles

-Saturdays: One hour Zumba dance session

-Sundays: Rest day

I have a membership at Snap Fitness, where I do all my weight-lifting and running, unless it’s warm enough to run outside. I do yoga and Zumba with YouTube videos in my bedroom.

Photos were taken using the self-timer on my IPhone 5s.


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