Rainy Night at Da Club



It’s been super rainy for the past week or so here, which is awesome because it makes the grass such a pretty green, but it also makes it more difficult to travel places, like to da club without looking drowned. I wore this to Tiffany’s in St. Paul, which is an awesomely trashy college bar, last Thursday. I’ve had this waterproof black jacket for a few years and I wear it a ton, either by itself or layered over a tight-fitting hoodie when it’s cold out.

I bought this purse at Gordman’s when I was in middle school and I still love using it when I go out at night, because my usual big purses can get way too bulky on the dance floor. I don’t wear jeans very often; this is actually the only pair I own and I bought them when I was a high school senior. I love it when clothes I bought many years ago can last so long and still fit me well.

As for the rest of this outfit, I was a huge Britney Spears fan-girl as a fourth grader in the year 2000, and I used to dream about that year in the distant future when I could dress like her at da club. My dream came true in 2014 🙂

-Black waterproof jacket: H&M

-Black crop top: Gojane.com

-Black purse: Rampage

-Silver sparkly belt: Vintage item, early 1990s

-Jeans: Calvin Klein

-Black shoes: TOMS

-Purple lipstick: Revlon


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