Whatever Floats Her Boat



It’s sometimes not easy, but I try not to judge others. Unless their behavior is purposefully hurting someone else, I believe they should do whatever floats their boat, whatever makes them happy. This mindset has especially affected me as a female, constantly hearing how I should and shouldn’t behave if I want to be taken seriously and protect myself from certain men.

I’m a girly girl. That should be obvious, considering I run a fashion blog. I love pretty clothes and fun makeup. I put a lot of effort into skin and hair care, eat very healthy and work out six days a week. Believe it or not, I actually enjoy doing all of the above, and I don’t consider any of it a chore unless I’m super tired. I sometimes model bikinis, because again, it’s fun and it makes me feel confident. I don’t do it to impress men, although that is a nice side effect. While I’ve gotten a lot of support regarding my modeling endeavors, I’ve also received some backlash about how modeling could potentially overshadow my brain and invite men to take advantage of me, and how girls in the industry are setting back the feminist movement.

There seems to be a code of conduct within the movement; unwritten rules saying that to be a proper feminist, I must shun things that are traditionally “girly” to have a successful career and avoid giving men power over me. There’s also a stereotype that females can only be pretty or smart, but not both, which feeds into the statistic saying that pretty girls are more likely to get raped. While I can understand wanting to liberate oneself from stressful beauty standards, it’s like some people can’t grasp the idea that a female can actually enjoy pretty clothes and fun makeup, and feel confident rather than degraded while posing in a bikini.

I don’t like this. I believe feminism should be about supporting your fellow females, no matter what they decide to do. I don’t care if she wants to be a prostitute or a nun, if she’s happy, then I’ll support her. No matter how terrible I may find her decision, her decision is none of my business unless she says it’s hurting her. Unless her decision is purposefully hurting me, then whatever floats her boat.

Rant over, now look at my pretty clothes! Haha 😛

-Black sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs

-Lavender t-shirt: Victoria’s Secret

-White bag: Macy’s

-Black polka-dot skirt: Urban Outfitters

-Silver ballet flats: New York and Company


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