City Girl



I’ve never felt more at home.

This last weekend was the six-month anniversary of my moving day to Minneapolis from my childhood home in small-town North Dakota, which took place on Martin Luther King weekend in January. After six months, I feel like I can comfortably say I’ve assimilated into the local culture. I don’t feel like a somewhat foreigner anymore. I’ve gotten to a point where I actually love telling people where I’m from (it’s almost like we’re “legendary” or something), because even though North Dakota is a border state and my hometown is only a five-hour drive from here, the amount of fellow North Dakotans I’ve met so far is surprisingly low.

Actually, it’s not that surprising, considering the vast majority of my high school classmates are still living in our hometown and seem to have no plans to change that; at least that’s what it looks like on Facebook. I always knew I would leave though. There’s only so much room for one to grow in a small rural town. My life may not be perfect, but damn if it doesn’t feel amazing to be living in a place full of opportunities I didn’t have back home.

-Red lipstick: Estee Lauder

-White t-shirt: Fashion’s Night Out official shirt, 2009

-Black bag: Kenneth Cole Reaction

-Black sequined shorts:

-Gray fishnet tights: Hot Topic

-Red sneakers: Converse


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