Twenty Fourteen: The end of an adventure


“Holy shit, it’s January!”

Those were the exact words I muttered to my Tinder date last night, while checking my phone after 2 am bar close. We were smack dab in the middle of 200+ screaming dancing drunks heading home on the Minneapolis Blue Line train. Perfect way to kick off the new year.

Since all the downtown Minneapolis bars had insanely high holiday cover charges and I was feeling cheap, we decided to say fuck it and take the Green Line train all the way to downtown St. Paul, in the hopes of finding a cheaper bar. We arrived at the Union Depot station at 11:57 pm.

I knew there was no way we’d get into a bar in the next two minutes, so I grabbed my date’s hand and we ran into Union Depot-a beautiful vintage train/bus station with glossy marble floors and walls. It was 11:58 pm. I set my phone down on a counter, pulled my flask of Svedka out of my purse, quickly downed half of it and passed it to him.

It was 11:59 pm. I looked up at my date and smiled, and then looked back down at my phone, anxiously waiting for the clock to change. It was midnight. I screamed like a little girl, pulled his head up to mine and began a passionate makeout session with a gorgeous guy who I knew I may or may not ever see again after the night ended. But I didn’t care. And in that moment, all the memories of the previous year came rushing back into my brain. Perfect way to end the most adventurous year of my life 🙂

To be continued…

-Black parka: Calvin Klein

-Hot pink dress: Macy’s

-Silver bag: Nine West

-Black leggings: Macy’s

-Black pumps:


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