Red Hot



This red Wet Seal dress is one of my favorite date night outfits, whether it’s a first date or one-year anniversary with a guy, and it was only $10! I paid way more for my bag and shoes, haha.

I’ve also been experimenting with new settings on my camera, as I’ve gotten increasingly frustrated with the Auto one whenever I take outdoor photos. I like the Program setting, which I used in these photos, so much better!

-Black sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs

-Red dress: Wet Seal

-Black bag: Guess

-Black flats: Nine West

Rainy Night at Da Club



It’s been super rainy for the past week or so here, which is awesome because it makes the grass such a pretty green, but it also makes it more difficult to travel places, like to da club without looking drowned. I wore this to Tiffany’s in St. Paul, which is an awesomely trashy college bar, last Thursday. I’ve had this waterproof black jacket for a few years and I wear it a ton, either by itself or layered over a tight-fitting hoodie when it’s cold out.

I bought this purse at Gordman’s when I was in middle school and I still love using it when I go out at night, because my usual big purses can get way too bulky on the dance floor. I don’t wear jeans very often; this is actually the only pair I own and I bought them when I was a high school senior. I love it when clothes I bought many years ago can last so long and still fit me well.

As for the rest of this outfit, I was a huge Britney Spears fan-girl as a fourth grader in the year 2000, and I used to dream about that year in the distant future when I could dress like her at da club. My dream came true in 2014 🙂

-Black waterproof jacket: H&M

-Black crop top: Gojane.com

-Black purse: Rampage

-Silver sparkly belt: Vintage item, early 1990s

-Jeans: Calvin Klein

-Black shoes: TOMS

-Purple lipstick: Revlon

Insert Elle Woods reference here




One of the biggest things I miss about college is being constantly surrounded by ambitious, hard-working people. I don’t get to experience that at my current gas station cashier job, where I am instead seeing constant examples of what I don’t want to become. I want to meet people who understand that there’s more to life than cigarettes and lottery tickets, who aren’t so comfortable where they’re at that they never push themselves to be any better. I know my worth and I’m not going to stop pushing myself until I get the opportunities I deserve.

I miss having a job where I can dress like Elle Woods, like my last job as an editor for my college newspaper, but I know I’m qualified for said job and will find it eventually. I believe anyone who works hard and is a generally good person will somehow be rewarded.

On a completely unrelated note, it’s that time of year when I need to start my weekly spray-tanning sessions again, since looking like a Twilight character no longer feels like a positive thing. Look for coverage of that in my next blog entry!

-Brown sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs

-Hot pink blazer: H&M

-Hot pink pencil skirt: Target

-Gold bag: Nine West (Macy’s)

-Nude pumps: Shoedazzle.com



Leopard and Fishnets



Hey everyone! First of all, I apologize for not posting on here in about a week. I’ve been so stressed out from job-hunting that I just have not had the time or brainpower to focus on much else, haha. I had what felt like a successful interview yesterday though and I’m heading to a career fair later this week, so maybe the millionth time will be the charm?

This H&M leopard dress is one of my favorite things in my closet because I can  just throw it on and instantly feel more glammed up, even if I have greasy  hair and no makeup on. I also love my sparkly Tom’s shoes for going out at night, since they go with everything and are comfortable enough to dance for three hours in! At least for me, that’s an important factor!

-Black windbreaker jacket: H&M

-Black sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs

-Leopard-print dress: H&M

-Black bag: Kenneth Cole Reaction

-Pink fishnet tights: Hot Topic

-Black leggings (layered under pink fishnets): Victoria’s Secret PINK

-Black socks: Nike

-Black sparkly shoes: TOMS





Sometimes on April Fools Day, I like to dress up like a “fool” and walk around in public. It’s been so entertaining so far that I may have to bring back this tradition every year!

-Yellow t-shirt (tucked into my bra): The Gap

-Pikachu backpack: Hot Topic

-Pink leopard shorts: Soffe

-Pink fuzzy slipper boots: Jenni (Macy’s)

So, I felt like dressing like an 80s rock star




I wore this outfit on a third date with a guy I met on Tinder. In the early stages of dating, I like to test guys to see how they’ll react to certain things about me that tend to get mixed reactions. Although I also have plenty of simple, sexy date outfits in my closet, as well as plenty of cute, girl-next-door outfits that I would’ve been just as happy wearing, those outfits tend to always get approval from guys, so I was curious how this guy would react if I dressed a bit funkier. I also wore four-inch heels for part of the date to see how he’d feel about me being temporarily taller than him, since he’s only about two inches taller than me when I don’t wear them. My rule is always, if he’s weirded out by some of my everyday clothing, he’s probably going to be weirded out by a lot of things about me, and is therefore not worth my time. If that happens, well, on to the next one!

-Blue galaxy-print jacket: H&M

-Blue t-shirt: Express

-Black sequined shorts: Venus.com

-Silver bag: Nine West

-Gray fishnet tights: Hot Topic

-Black leggings (layered under fishnets): Victoria’s Secret PINK

-Gray boots: Roxy


Non-boring Job Interview Outfit: Round 2



In exciting news, I actually got to interview for a big-kid job where I can actually use my degree today! The fact that I even got an interview feels like a miracle since I didn’t have any connections at the company, and I always thought it was impossible to get hired without them. That’s the worst part of moving to a new city where I don’t know anyone, but at least that seems to finally be changing for me!

-Black sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs

-Black blazer: Material Girl (Macy’s)

-Teal dress: Calvin Klein

-Black bag: Guess

-Black leggings: Victoria’s Secret PINK

-Black pumps: Nine West

Spring Fever!



I got to enjoy a rather tropical day for Minnesota yesterday; it was 55 above and sunny! I started my day wearing snow boots and a winter coat out of habit, only to realize that not only did I not need them, but they were making me sweaty! That was how I knew that it might be almost spring, finally. My favorite day of the year was here: the first day where it’s warm enough for me to comfortably wear shorts and flip-flops. That day is better than Christmas or my birthday or anything for me; it makes me so excited! 🙂 Unfortunately, it was colder again today so I had to put my winter coat back on, but at least I got to enjoy an early taste of spring.

In other positive news, I finally found a job! I’m working at a gas station near the MSP airport, which allows me to interact with the nearly 700 airport taxi drivers who come in to buy gas and coffee. Most of them are immigrants from Africa, which is really cool for me since I grew up in a small rural town where nearly everyone was the same flavor of white. I love that I get to witness and learn about a whole different culture just by going to work.

-Brown sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs

-White dollar top: Topshop, purchased in Vegas while on vacation

-Gold bag: Nine West, Macy’s

-White shorts: Express

-Gold sandals: Bandolino, Macy’s