Writer’s block is pretty damn annoying. #FirstWorldProbs

Oh and it was freezing cold in Minnesota again. Shocker.

-Brown sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs

-Watermelon pink hoodie: Juicy Couture

-Beige winter coat: Guess

-Beige leopard-print top: Express

-Gold bag: Nine West

-Beige knit leggings: H&M

-Beige boots:



“I’m not looking for anything serious.”

Every straight female who’s tried dating has probably heard that oh-so-clichéd line at least once, from the mouth of a loser guy trying to defend his disrespectful behavior. Apparently, saying that line to a female makes a guy think it’s now acceptable to treat her like nothing more than an unpaid prostitute. While I see nothing wrong whatsoever with sex or being a legitimate sex worker, if I wanted a guy to ask me to drive to his place, suck his dick and get rudely kicked out without even a goodbye or some small talk, I’d be advertising my “services” on Craigslist.

I know damn well that I deserve better treatment than that, hence why I’m not afraid to stand up for myself and show off with “big words” when these guys target me. I know I have a lot to offer and I won’t accept anything less than a guy who shares all my values. Once I find that guy, I will fight hard to keep him around but until then, dating will remain nothing more than a social activity for me. My career is my number one priority and it can be a huge time commitment, so the thought of wasting too much time on the wrong guy terrifies me, especially since I’ve made that mistake once before.

In a typical week, I may text and make weekend plans with multiple guys to avoid investing too heavily in one, until I know he’s truly worth it (which hasn’t happened in a long time.) I’m not someone who constantly needs a boyfriend and I’d much rather be single then be in an unfulfilling relationship. Some may consider me a player or hardcore Bachelorette, however I try hard to treat each guy kindly and I wouldn’t waste my time if I weren’t attracted to them and interested in getting to know them better. I believe the wrong guys will naturally weed themselves out and the right guy will naturally rise to the top but until then, I guess I’m not looking for anything serious.

-Black parka: Calvin Klein outerwear

-Black sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs

-Black gloves: Target

-Turquoise bag: Ralph Lauren

-White Tshirt: H&M

-Blue leggings: Lululemon

-Black sneakers: Aldo

Twenty Fourteen: The end of an adventure


“Holy shit, it’s January!”

Those were the exact words I muttered to my Tinder date last night, while checking my phone after 2 am bar close. We were smack dab in the middle of 200+ screaming dancing drunks heading home on the Minneapolis Blue Line train. Perfect way to kick off the new year.

Since all the downtown Minneapolis bars had insanely high holiday cover charges and I was feeling cheap, we decided to say fuck it and take the Green Line train all the way to downtown St. Paul, in the hopes of finding a cheaper bar. We arrived at the Union Depot station at 11:57 pm.

I knew there was no way we’d get into a bar in the next two minutes, so I grabbed my date’s hand and we ran into Union Depot-a beautiful vintage train/bus station with glossy marble floors and walls. It was 11:58 pm. I set my phone down on a counter, pulled my flask of Svedka out of my purse, quickly downed half of it and passed it to him.

It was 11:59 pm. I looked up at my date and smiled, and then looked back down at my phone, anxiously waiting for the clock to change. It was midnight. I screamed like a little girl, pulled his head up to mine and began a passionate makeout session with a gorgeous guy who I knew I may or may not ever see again after the night ended. But I didn’t care. And in that moment, all the memories of the previous year came rushing back into my brain. Perfect way to end the most adventurous year of my life 🙂

To be continued…

-Black parka: Calvin Klein

-Hot pink dress: Macy’s

-Silver bag: Nine West

-Black leggings: Macy’s

-Black pumps:

Purple, blue, green and brown!



So it’s already March! When did that happen? It doesn’t feel like it yet since I still have to dress like this but at least the fun colors make me happy! I can’t wait for the days when I can shoot outside every day and not freeze, but that probably won’t happen until at least April.

-Green printed hoodie: Old Navy

-Brown sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs

-Blue circle scarf: Vintage item

-Blue winter coat: Columbia Outerwear

-Green bag: Kate Spade

-Tan belt: Target

-Purple gloves: Vintage item

-Purple dress: Vintage item

-Brown leggings: Wet Seal

-Brown snow boots: Guess

Tye-dye and fishnets



I wore this outfit on a first date with a guy whose Tinder profile made him seem very quirky and fun, although this isn’t much of a departure from my usual style. I got an art minor in college, so this outfit reminds of what my fellow art students would wear. As for that guy, he ended up being very similar to my last ex who I was with for two years, to the point where it was actually really freaky and weird. He looked like him, had a similar personality, similar hobbies and interests, similar family background and he even insisted on going to a nice Mexican restaurant for the first date–which is the same thing I did on my first date with my ex. I’d probably go out with him again, but damn, haha.

-White t-shirt: Victoria’s Secret PINK

-Silver tank top, layered under t-shirt: Express

-Black bag: Kenneth Cole Reaction

-Tye-dye leggings: Target

-Hot pink fishnets, layered over leggings: Hot Topic

-Gray boots: Roxy

Look! No winter coat!

Feb20_1 (1)



The temperature was 39 above yesterday, which is unusually warm for a February day in Minnesota! I, like many others here, celebrated by taking a break from my winter coat! (and scarf and gloves) Other life updates: I had two more job interviews this week. I’ve had at least two every week since moving but no one’s hired me yet so I’ve stopped getting my hopes up during interviews. I also started using the Tinder app on my phone to meet guys here, and it’s getting to be a bit intense. I have 59 “matches” on there and about 10 different guys trying to talk to me today, so it’s hard to keep up! It doesn’t help that I’m not a big fan of texting and I have other tasks I need to prioritize. I guess this a good problem to have though, haha.

-Necklace: Forever 21

-Light pink velour hoodie: Old Navy

-Light pink lace top: Guess

-Off-white shorts: Urban Outfitters

-Off-white knit leggings: H&M

-Off-white boots:

-White purse: Tignanello/Macy’s

Not-boring Job Interview Outfit



I’ve been going on a lot of job interviews lately, which is great! Hopefully this means something will work out soon and I won’t have to feel like a bum anymore, haha. Since today is also V-Day, I figured I may as well incorporate some red into outfit. I also have a hot (out-of-this-world) V-Day date tonight, so I’ll keep you guys posted on that! 🙂

-Black blazer: Material Girl, Macy’s

-Red lace dress (layered underneath blazer and skirt): Wet Seal

-Black polka-dot skirt: Urban Outfitters

-Black leggings: Victoria’s Secret PINK

-Black pumps: Nine West

-Black bag: Guess

-White necklace: Forever 21

Sunday Funday

Feb9_1 (1)


So, this weekend has been super mellow. I’ve spent a lot of time researching jobs and working out; both at Snap Fitness and by doing yoga in my bedroom. The one positive thing about being unemployed is that I can work out twice per day pretty often, but I want to try to find time to keep doing that once I do get a job. That could possibly be as soon as tomorrow since I’m interviewing at Macy’s! I used to work there at the mall in my hometown and I loved it, plus I shop there often enough, haha, so hopefully I can come back!

-Black waterproof jacket: H&M

-Black tank top, underneath jacket: Express

-Black bag: Kenneth Cole Reaction

-Black sequined shorts:

-Leggings: Bebe

-Gray boots: Roxy

Winter White



I love the challenge of white and off-white clothing, but also that it goes with anything and never looks too harsh. I’m thankful that this Guess coat is so warm; I need that in Minnesota! More good news: I have two job interviews next week; on Monday and Tuesday! Fingers crossed that something works out soon.

-Off-white winter coat: Guess

-White scarf: H&M

-Off-white leggings: H&M

-White bag: Tignanello, from Macy’s

-Pink ballet flats: Aldo

-Black sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Life-size Barbie Shoes



Hey hey! So I had a job interview at the BCBGeneration store at Mall of America today! I love that store and everything BCBG, so I’ll be so pumped if I get hired. It would be a fairly casual retail job, so I figured I shouldn’t wear a business suit but I still wanted to look put-together. These are probably my favorite heels; they feel like life-size Barbie shoes!

-Black winter coat: Calvin Klein

-Black striped scarf: Hand-me-down from my dad

-Black and white striped pencil skirt: H&M

-Black leggings: Victoria’s Secret PINK

-Hot pink pumps: JCPenney

-Silver bag: Nine West

-Black sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs

-Black gloves: Target